Vendor Day

Vendor Day 2016: March 3rd

Every year SCELC organizes a Vendor Day that draws 200+ librarians representing more than 70 libraries from across the state of California. In addition, more than 50 vendors attend the event and together give over 130 presentations over the course of the day.

Procedure and Terms:

Vendor Application is an invitation link sent to Vendors to apply to attend Vendor Day 2016. Please note that space is limited and your application does not guarantee attendance.

If you would like to apply to SCELC Vendor Day, submit a request using our contact form.

Acceptance Notifications are sent to Vendors who are accepted to attend Vendor Day.

Vendor Registration is only available to Vendors whose applications have been accepted by SCELC to attend Vendor Day. Accepted Vendors will receive an email with registration instructions. Vendors must complete registration prior to attending Vendor Day.  

Librarian Registration is now open! Register Here