Associating with SCELC means:

  • Discounted offers on electronic resources;
  • Less hassle with license negotiation;
  • Centralized invoicing for all resources obtained via the consortium;
  • Trial offers of products;
  • The opportunity to attend SCELC Events (great for networking/professional development);

  • For SCELC Members only, access to SCELC services and programs:

    • Authoritative reviews of electronic resources, including The Charleston Advisor:
    • Grants for first time conference attendees:
    • Scholarships for library staff enrolled in library school:
    • SCELC Project Initiative Fund (SPIF) grants for innovative and collaborative library projects;
    • Research Incentive Grants for research design in librarianship;
    • Reciprocal borrowing privileges with participating libraries through Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing and Reciprocal ILL programs:
    • Deep discounts on OCLC’s CONTENTdm, our shared digital library, plus training;
    • Camino, SCELC's patron-initiated borrowing system based on OCLC Navigator;
    • Opportunity to participate in the SCELC Shared Print program


Membership in SCELC is open to non-profit private academic or research libraries staffed by a professional librarian and with a library collection (physical or virtual). Membership must be approved by the SCELC Board of Directors. MEMBERS: - Pay annual dues (currently $750/year). - Have access to the additional SCELC services and programs noted above - Can attend any SCELC Event at no additional charge.

Affiliates are Non-Member institutions who are able to license resources through SCELC by becoming Affiliates. AFFILIATES: - Are institutions which do not qualify for full membership, but have a research or educational mission and are not classified as a 501(c)(4).
- Do not pay annual dues, but pay an additional transaction fee per resource transaction (subscription or purchase). - Can attend any SCELC event, but occasionally may pay a modest registration fee.