Becoming a part of SCELC means:

  • Discounted offers on electronic resources;
  • Less hassle with license negotiation;
  • Centralized invoicing for all resources obtained via the consortium;
  • Trial offers of products;
  • The opportunity to attend SCELC Events (great for networking/professional development);
  • Access to SCELC services and programs (for full members only):
    • The SCELC Consortial Electronic Resources Management System (ERMS),
    • Authoritative reviews of electronic resources, including The Charleston Advisor,
    • Grants for first time conference attendees,
    • Scholarships for library staff studying library science,
    • Reciprocal borrowing privileges with participating libraries through RFB and RILL,
    • Deep discounts on OCLC’s CONTENTdm, our shared digital library, and training.

Membership in SCELC is open to non-profit private academic or research libraries staffed by a professional librarian and with a library collection (physical or virtual). Membership must be approved by the SCELC Board of Directors.

Many ineligible institutions are still able to license resources through SCELC by becoming Affiliates or participating in one of our programs.

Member/Affiliate Distinction

Most institutions that qualify for membership must become members in order to do business with SCELC. Those institutions which do not qualify for full membership, but have a research or educational mission and are not classified as a 501(c)(4) are still eligible to become SCELC Affiliates.

Members pay member dues ($750/year). Affiliates do not pay annual dues, but pay an additional transaction fee per transaction.

Members can attend SCELC Events with no additional charge. Affiliates may attend SCELC Events for a small admission fee.

Members have access to additional SCELC services and programs, as noted above.