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Member Status

Eligibility for member status will be determined by the SCELC staff based on the information submitted below. Please review the following requirements before submitting this application. Applications from institutions eligible for member status will be forwarded to the SCELC Board of Directors for consideration.


There are separate requirements for academic and research institutions due to the different ways those types of institutions are organized. In order to become a member, an institution must meet all of the requirements from either section below.

Affiliate Status

If an institution does not meet all the requirements in one of the above sections and is not a 501(c)(4), but is an organization with a research or educational mission, the institution is eligible for affiliate status. It may also be helpful to look into other programs that have special requirements.

ATLA/SCELC Affiliate Program

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All ATLA institutional members located in the United States are eligible to become ATLA/SCELC Affiliates; they will then be able to acquire access to electronic resources at reduced rates negotiated by SCELC. Both ATLA and SCELC staff members are available to assist potential affiliates throughout this process.

NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program

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The NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program is a partnership between the Regional Medical Library and SCELC. Any NN/LM PSR members are eligible to apply to become an affiliate in order to acquire access to electronic resources negotiated at reduced rates by SCELC. The NN/LM PSR website has a complete description of the NN/LM PSR E-Licensing Program, including instructions for signing up. For questions, call Alan Carr at (310) 825‑7263 or call the Regional Medical Library office at (310) 825‑1200.

TexShare/SCELC Partner Program

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Private colleges and universities in Texas are eligible to become TexShare/SCELC Partners; they will then be able to acquire access to electronic resources at reduced rates negotiated by SCELC. Both TexShare and SCELC staff members are available to assist potential partners throughout this process.

Institutional Information

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